Monday, July 27, 2015

Satanists unveil their nine-foot tall sculpture in Detroit near the river

By Rueters
The statue of a winged Baphomet with a human body and a goat’s head is seated before statues of a boy and a girl. It is nine-feet tall and weighs one-ton.
MICHIGAN---A Satanic organisation unveiled a controversial bronze Baphomet sculpture in Detroit just before midnight on Saturday, after trying in vain to have it installed near a Ten Commandments monument in Oklahoma. The Satanic Temple unveiled the one-ton statue at an industrial building near the Detroit River just before 11.30pm local time as supporters cheered: “Hail Satan.” Some of the hundreds in attendance rushed to pose for photos. [link]

Antony Gormley tests the difference between what family feels like versus looks like

Antony Gormley, EXPANDED FAMILY X 5: HOMOTHETIC, 2014. 4 mm Corten steel 5 sculptures, dimensions variable. Photograph courtesy Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac Paris/Salzburg.
AUSTRIA---Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac is hosting an exhibition of sculptures, which are part of Expansion Field by Antony Gormley in the Space Out exhibition at the Halle in Salzburg. Space Out continues the artist’s investigation of body and space, interrogating the body as place and architecture as the primary conditioner of our experience of space. Antony Gormley explains: "Expansion Field (2014) tests the relationship between what something feels like and its external appearance. Each work is the result of a moment becoming objectified in a frame, one that has no absolute dimension. Space Out is an attempt to sculpt space itself. [link]

Rediscovered St. Sebastian portrait by Guercino now at Princeton

By Eve M. Kahn
The “Sopranos” actor Federico Castelluccio bought this St. Sebastian portrait, thought to be by Guercino. Credit Federico Castelluccio Collection
NEW JERSEY---Federico Castelluccio, who played the ponytailed hired gun Furio Giunta on “The Sopranos” TV series, has rediscovered the artwork, a depiction of St. Sebastian said to have been painted by Guercino in the 1630s. This week, in its first American showing, the painting went on view at the Princeton University Art Museum after its European debut in a survey of St. Sebastian portraits at a castle near Turin, Italy, last year. Mr. Castelluccio and an unnamed co-investor bought it for about $70,000, and its value has been estimated at up to $10 million. [link]

"Art AIDS America": An impressive exhibition and an important curatorial event

By Shana Nys Dambrot
Tino Rodriguez: Eternal Lovers, 2010 Oil on wood 18 × 24 inches Private collection
CALIFORNIA---"Art AIDS America" is the first comprehensive survey considering some 30 years of art produced in response to the AIDS epidemic in the United States. Covering the early years of the crisis through to the present day, "Art AIDS America" was organized by the Tacoma Art Museum in partnership with the Bronx Museum of the Arts -- its full version opens in Tacoma in late 2015 followed by New York in 2016. But as a kind of high-culture present for its 30th birthday, the City of West Hollywood gets to see it first. [link]

George Grosz drew Jesus in a gas mask to illustrate life in Berlin in the 1920s

Drawing of a crucified Jesus wearing a gas mask.
GERMANY---George Grosz (July 26, 1893 - July 6, 1959) was a German artist known especially for his savagely caricatural drawings of Berlin life in the 1920s. He was a prominent member of the Berlin Dada and New Objectivity group during the Weimar Republic before he emigrated to the United States in 1933. apn Photo/Franka Bruns. [link]