Sunday, April 14, 2019


By Gregory & Ernest Disney-Britton
Stanley Spencer’s “Christ's Entry into Jerusalem” (1920); Leeds Art Gallery, Leeds Museums and Galleries
It’s Pam Sunday, and we’re in Los Angeles for our son Kai’s 32nd birthday (see pics below). We’re not heading to church, but we did read the Gospel: Mark 11: 1-11. This reading recounts Christ’s entry into Jerusalem, but English painter Stanley Spencer has a different vision of that moment. In Spencer’s visual storytelling, we don’t see the celebrating palm-wavers but those who shunned his arrival. He also places the arrival in his own era of the 1920s, and in his hometown of Leeds, England. What if Christ arrived in our hometown today? Would there be more who shunned him, or who waved palms of celebration? As I said, we are not going to church today.

Saturday, April 13, 2019

After an N.F.L. Career, Keith Rivers Enters the Collector's Field

Show Us Your Walls
By Hilarie M. Sheets
Keith Rivers in his Beverly Hills home with, from left, “Untitled” (2017), by Arjan Martins; “Untitled (You drive a hard bargain)" (2011), by Barbara Kruger; and “Raised Eyebrows and Furrowed Foreheads” (2008), by John Baldessari.CreditCredit
“Art gave me something to segue into,” said Keith Rivers, a former N.F.L. linebacker, at his art-filled house in Beverly Hills. “During his rookie season with the Cincinnati Bengals in 2009, Mr. Rivers bought his first piece — an Andy Warhol Electric Chair print — after a trip to the Museum of Modern Art with a woman he had been interested in when he was studying at the University of Southern California. Since he retired from football in 2015, after also having played for the New York Giants and the Buffalo Bills, Mr. Rivers has deepened his pursuit of contemporary art and owns work by Kerry James Marshall, Kara Walker, and Arjan Martins, among others.[More]

Friday, April 12, 2019

Pace Gallery Opens an Exhibition of New Paintings by Raqib Shaw

Raqib Shaw, Allegory of Memories through Monozukuri, 2018-2019. Acrylic liner and enamel on Birch wood, 47-5/8" × 39-3/8" (121 cm × 100 cm) 49" × 40-3/4" × 2-3/4" (124.5 cm × 103.5 cm × 7 cm), frame © Raqib Shaw, courtesy Pace Gallery.
NEW YORK, NY.- Pace Gallery is presenting new paintings by Raqib Shaw. The exhibition showcases Shaw’s first work in the long tradition of landscape painting, signifying a new direction for the London-based Kashmiri artist. Drawing inspiration from his childhood memories of Kashmir and the nature and architecture of the Indian subcontinent, Shaw has mined and re-envisioned his own personal history through the compulsively-detailed, meticulously-painted, and emotionally-potent works. Raqib Shaw: Landscapes is on view at 537 West 24th Street from April 5 – May 18, 2019. [More]