Saturday, September 23, 2017

New York’s Oscar Wilde Temple makes a saint out of an LGBTQ icon

By Tara Isabella Burton
The Oscar Wilde Temple in the West Village
NEW YORK---Hidden in the basement of New York’s Church of the Village, a Methodist church in Greenwich Village, is an entirely unconventional worship space. The aesthetic — a neo-Gothic stained glass window, a devotional statue, a series of paintings depicting the life and suffering of a martyr — is perfectly familiar. At the Oscar Wilde Temple, a religiously themed installation project by McDermott & McGough, the art-world tag of artists David McDermott and Peter McGough, the central statue and the figure of worship is of Wilde himself: the 19th-century Anglo-Irish novelist and playwright whose name has become synonymous with LGBTQ liberation. [More]

#Artprize artist Deborah Rockman challenges Christian beliefs about inequity and injustice across the globe

By Deborah Rockman, the artist
"Companions" by Deborah Rockman | Two-Dimensional | Vote Code: 66402
GRAND RAPIDS -- Companions is an ongoing series of low-tech digital drawings that explores inequity and injustice across the globe. This is achieved by juxtaposing images of children and/or adults that often include similarities in visual terms, but most importantly reflect tremendous disparity in living conditions and individual circumstances. This references the widely held belief that your prayers will be answered only if you subscribe to Christian beliefs, but otherwise your plea will not be heard. What forces are at work in the belief held by many who call themselves Christians that God is not available to anyone who does not embrace Christianity? Fountain Street Church, 24 Fountain Street NE, Grand Rapids, MI [More]

Dr Gopals paintings explores spiritual thoughts of Hinduism

By Mompati Tlahankane
Dr Gopals paintings managed to capture the Hinduisim Yogic spiritual practices in an impressive way P
GABERONE, India -- An exhibition of Indian Art Works titled, ‘Time and Space’ is being scheduled at the Thapong Visual Art Centre, Gaborone. The exhibition is showcasing unique and special art works by 10 Indian artists under the aegis of “I” Art Research Foundation in Pondicherry, India. Time and Space show is an example of art exhibition that has professional standard. While there are 10 artists exhibiting their works, one of them, Gopal, has interesting paintings that show human emotions and their spiritual connection with the surroundings. Being a man who has researched on spiritual attributes and new thoughts, Gopal’s paintings at Thapong draw attention because of their appealing and peaceful presentation. [More]

Movie Review: Jennifer Lawrence's 'mother!' births an insane piece of audacious art

By Brian Truitt, USA TODAY
Movie poster starring Jennifer Lawrence
Darren Aronofsky unleashes the mother of audacious art films this year, and mother! is bound to polarize the masses who give this slice of winning insanity a go. The latest in a filmography that also includes a terrifyingly dark ballerina (Black Swan) and a downward-spiraling pro grappler (The Wrestler), mother! (*** out of four; rated R; in theaters nationwide Friday) manages to be the writer/director's boldest yet: a tale of relationship turmoil and a genre-exploding showcase for its star Jennifer Lawrence. But Aronofsky isn’t subtle with the deeper meanings. Impending motherhood is seen through a horror-movie lens, there are enough religious metaphors for a particularly strange Sunday school class, and mother! thrives most as a thoughtful and angry look at modern society. [More]