Tuesday, May 3, 2016

"Spirits" Exhibitions at Gallery 66NY From May 6 - May 29

Sacred Poems by Carole Kunstadt take physical, material and intellectual inspiration from the Parish Psalmody, a Collection of Psalms and Hymns for Public Worship, published in 1844 and 1849.
NEW YORK---At Gallery 66NY this month, the exhibition(s) center on the theme "Spirits." Unifying the works of five stylistically disparate artists, this exhibition's common thread is tied together by the universal concept of "Spirit" be it through mood, memory, materials or its connection to the passage of time. Spirits can be many things and take form in expected and unexpected ways. The Spirits come alive in the ghostly shadows of Kaya Deckelbaum's wire sculptures, in the layered pages of Carole Kunstadt's Sacred Poems, in Marisa G. Silverstein's sculptures remembering the victims of gun violence, in Eric Camiel's metal remnants of the Manhattan skyline, and in the spirits that live in the materials used in Vida Sabbaghi's portraits. Gallery 66 NY features three exhibit rooms, a sculpture garden, and the work of outstanding regional artists. [Morere]

Monday, May 2, 2016

US Returns Ancient Buddhist Art Looted From Pakistan's Swat Valley

It was returned by New York prosecutors on April 27 to the Pakistani Embassy' deputy chief of mission, Rizwan Saeed Sheikh, who said it will remain in New York City for now and may be exhibited at a museum.
An ancient stone sculpture of Buddha's footprints that was looted from the Swat Valley and smuggled into the United States has been returned to the government of Pakistan. The piece, called a Buddhapada, was taken from Pakistan in 1982 and eventually smuggled to New York by a Japanese antiquities dealer who hoped to sell it for more than $1 million. [link]

Must-See Video: Mummified Buddhist Monk Covered in Gold

The body of Chinese monk Fu Hou, who died at the age of 94, was mummified in 2012.
CHINA--A revered Buddhist monk in China has been mummified and covered in gold leaf, a practice reserved for holy men in some areas with strong Buddhist traditions. The monk died in 2012 at age 94. The temple decided to mummify him to commemorate his devotion to Buddhism. The local Buddhist belief is that only a truly virtuous monk's body will remain intact after being mummified. [video]

Cave Replicas Let Visitors Inside a Trove of Buddhist Art

Replica caves on the plaza of the Getty Center in Los Angeles give viewers an intimate view of Buddhist art seen in the upcoming "Cave Temples of Dunhuang"
CALIFORNIA---Replica caves on the plaza of the Getty Center in Los Angeles give viewers an intimate view of Buddhist art seen in the upcoming "Cave Temples of Dunhuang" exhibition. Photo: Christopher Sprinkle/The Getty. [link]

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Blaze Engulfs Historic Serbian Orthodox Church in Manhattan

By Liam Stack
Firefighters at the 19th-century Serbian Orthodox Cathedral of St. Sava on Sunday. Credit Kathy Willens/Associated Press
NEW YORK---A fire consumed a historic Serbian Orthodox church in Manhattan on Sunday just hours after parishioners had filled its pews for Easter services. Orthodox churches like St. Sava use the older Julian calendar, which is why they celebrate Easter later than Western churches, which use the Gregorian calendar, the standard in much of the world.[link]