Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Conservative artist Jon McNaughton doesn't care about the haters, he just wants to paint Trump and Jesus

By Joe Perticone
Artist John McNaughton's painting title, "Crossing the swamp" (2018).
Painter Jon McNaughton's works have drawn considerable attention online — from pro-Trump conservatives, and yes, even the art world. McNaughton is known for fawning depictions of President Donald Trump, other Republicans, and religious figures. He is also known for his outlandish paintings of former President Barack Obama and Democrats, who are often depicted conducting heinous acts like burning the US Constitution or excoriating Jesus Christ on the floor of the House of Representatives. He has received high praise for his work from many Republican elected officials. His painting of the biblical figure Moses hangs inside the Louisiana Department of Justice Building. An edition of the same painting was the subject of an auction by South Carolina Rep. Jeff Duncan, a conservative Republican. [More]

Buddhist Spotlight On: David Orr

By Julia Hirsch
Visual artist David Orr in the Philosophical Research Society’s library. Photograph by Emily Shur.
Angelenos have a well-kept secret. For the last two years, the PRS Library has been a second home to artist-in-residence David Orr. An LA-based visual artist, Orr spent countless hours photographing one-of-a-kind religious and philosophical texts from the center’s archives. He then digitally recombined the results to create his latest exhibition, Illumined, an abstract series of mandalas on display at the library’s new art gallery through September 16, 2018. Orr’s kaleidoscopic images—which refract words from sages such as Pythagoras, Plato, the Buddha, Confucius, Aristotle, Jesus, and Muhammad—explore the wide-ranging “belief systems we build to make sense of the world,” Orr told Tricycle. [More]

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Great success of artist Cesare Catania during the Art Biennale in Saint Paul de Vence

“The Heart of the Earth – B Version”
On Saturday 21st July 2018, the public remained enthralled while admiring for the first time the original of the sculpture in marble dust and meteorite fragments made and exhibited during the art biennial of Saint Paul de Vence by painter and sculptor Cesare Catania. The sculpture, entitled “The Heart of the Earth – B Version”, was installed right at the entrance to the French art capital and represents in one single object all the elegance and harmony of simple tridimensional polygons intertwined with each other: the pyramid and the sphere at the center of everything. It’s a sculpture of contemporary art that connects to a previous work of art in wood and acrylic made by the same artist between 2012 and 2015, entitled “The Heart of the Earth – A Version”. [More]