Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Cincinnati's The Little Mahatma celebrates the holidays

The Little Mahatma - Cincinnati, OH
OHIO---December is a wonderful time for celebration whether it is Bodhi Day, Mawlid Al-Nabi, Christmas, Chanukah or Kwanzaa. The Little Mahatma shop in Cincinnati's downtown also celebrates beautiful craftsmanship from all over the world. From ancient relics to freshly produced jewels, Little Mahatma celebrates artistry and beauty in many rare, wonderful and unique forms. Something rare and beautiful awaits you there! Visit The Little Mahatma in this time of holiday celebration. The Little Mahatma, 1205 Vine Street Cincinnati, OH; (513) 723-1287;

New series of paintings by Christine Drummond debut at Kuaba Gallery

"Oh Happy Day" by Christien Drummond
Opening December 9, Kuaba Gallery in Indianapolis, will present "Christine Drummond: Joyful Colors," a series of new paintings by the artist born in the heavily Roman Catholic nation of Brazil. The project, which showcases the Christine Drummond's bold strokes of her palette knife, she creates texture that make shapes and colors become alive on her canvas. She received her formative education at the French Lycee in Rio and sees herself a real “carioca”, which means a person born and raised in Rio de Janeiro… Real “carioca” enjoy life, have faith in their future and are true optimists. Kuaba Gallery, 1 N. Meridian Street, Suite 200 Indianapolis; 317.955.8405;

School of presentation: David Salle on art direction and its discontents

By David Salle

Contemporary art is divided into two main camps. On the one side, we have the centuries-long continuity of work that is primarily pictorial in nature, and on the other, the growing body of work that is more presentational in attitude—that is, art that privileges intentionality and the delivery system, the context in which art appears. One type of art says, “Look at this,” while the other says, “Look at me looking at this,” or in a further evolution, “Look at me looking at you looking at this.” This not a distinction between painting and non-painting. There are plenty of non-painters making work with an outer-directed energy combined with pictorial intelligence. [link]

Artist creates Nativity figurines depicting people pooping

By Rachel Courbett
Caganers are figurines depicting people pooping that are placed in nativity scenes as a symbol of good luck and fertility. They began appearing more than two centuries ago in the Catalan region of Spain and have spread throughout the area.
NEW YORK---For art lovers looking for unconventional holiday stocking stuffers, the New York-based artist Elliott Arkin may have just the thing with his new line of Maurizio Cattelan caganers. For those unfamiliar with the bizarre, 200-year-old tradition, a caganer is a defecating figurine placed in nativity scenes throughout Catalonian regions of Spain, Italy, Portugal, and France. Arkin has now made a limited-edition series of 50 hand-painted Cattelan caganers, each complete with an 18-karat gold-plated bronze “deposit,” shaped like the Guggenheim spiral. They sell for $500 each, with proceeds benefitting Arkin’s nonprofit art organization Mister Artsee. [link]