Friday, July 21, 2017

Anita Breitenberg's "Disdain|Desire" opens at Convergence

The story of Jesus is rooted in history. The story of Jesus transforms our story.
ALEXANDRIA, VA---For the past four decades, Anita Breitenberg has illustrated verses of Scripture and sought to broaden the appeal of contemporary Christian art to a wider and diversified audience by presenting it in a radically provocative manner. Breitenberg’s works have been exhibited in The Museum of Biblical Art in Manhattan, Yale University and the Washington National Cathedral, and are in the permanent collection of the Museum of Biblical Art in Dallas, Texas and Catholic University. Large-scale images of Anita Breitenberg’s new illustrated Gospel series will be on display in the Gallery at Convergence July 21 – Oct. 8, 2017 with a reception and book signing on Sept. 17 from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. [More]

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Exhibition in Vietnam shows Indian photographer’s works

A photo taken by photographer Shri Benoy K.Behl.
HANOI---The exhibition, titled Buddhist Sites/Heritage, will showcase photos of heritage places and sites from the world of Buddhism. The photos will transport viewers through a journey of the vast land of India and the Asian continent, following the Buddha’s footsteps, from his birthplace to the place where he gave his First Sermon and achieved Enlightenment. Photographer Behl is a filmmaker and art historian. He has taken over 35,000 photographs of Asian monuments and art heritage sites, and made a hundred documentaries on art history. His exhibitions have been warmly received in 28 countries. He is known for his extremely sensitive photography of Buddhist art, providing a deep insight into the gentle and compassionate message of this philosophy. [More]

DC's Museum of the Bible puts unprecedented spotlight on source of Judeo-Christian civilization

By Mario Paredes
Museum of the Bible | Youtube
WASHINGTON, DC---Seven years in the making and billing itself as “the most technologically advanced museum in the world,” the Museum of the Bible is slated to open its doors to the public in November 2017. Six stories tall—atop two basement floors—crowned by a rooftop garden featuring biblical plants and vegetation, the museum has 430,000 square feet of exhibition space. Its location is formidable—just three blocks of the Capitol in the heart of Washington, D.C. Five exhibit floors will house no fewer than 40,000 biblical and religious artifacts, including 500 “world-class artifacts” such as “writings dating to the time of Abraham [and] fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls” that Museum officials characterize as priceless. [More]

Ohio artist restores religious statues, stirs memories of closed parishes

By Dennis Sadowski
Artist Lou McClung paints a statue of Mary in his studio at the Museum of Divine Statues in Lakewood, Ohio, July 18. He has restored dozens of statues, many from closed churches in the Diocese of Cleveland that are now displayed in the museum he operates. (CNS photo/courtesy Lou McClung, Museum of Divine Statues)
LAKEWOOD, Ohio (CNS) — St. Elizabeth of Hungary stands tall, the bread in her right hand, a gift to the poor, looks like it may have just come from the oven. The saint as depicted by a 19th-century sculptor has plenty of other companions. There is St. Christopher carrying the child Jesus, St. Stanislaus, the martyred bishop of Poland, and St. Sebastian with arrows piercing his body, seemingly just recently. The statues are among dozens that have been carefully restored by Lou McClung, a professional artist, who has made it his vocation — and avocation — to preserve artifacts from closed churches in Northeast Ohio and elsewhere. He displays them in what is now a 7-year-old venture called the Museum of Divine Statues. [More]/>