Sunday, September 9, 2012


By Ernest O. Britton
Folk artist, Rev. H.D. Dennis died this week, and his theological art park in Mississippi is my NEWS OF WEEK. This 96 year old African American preacher loved sharing lengthy sermons both orally and visually. In fact, over the course of 23 years, he built his color-filled rambling castle for God "to attract attention" so he could tell people about God. Like all artists of note, Rev. Dennis had a point of view, and so on this Sunday as our Interfaith Youth Group heads to an African American Baptist church, I will be thinking about Rev. Dennis' point of view. As our young guides introduce their Baptist world of sacred art and architecture to their fellow believers: Jews, Muslims, Hindus, and Catholics, I will imagine Rev. H. D. Dennis (Watch video) smiling down from heaven and watching as he sees "Art" reminding the youth that God blesses us all.

In other Religious Art news from across the USA, and the world:
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