Thursday, November 7, 2013

2013 A&O Prize for Religious Art is Artistic Holyday is Spanish Harlem's Epiphany Day

NEW YORK---Alpha & Omega Project for Contemporary Religious Arts is pleased to announce the 2013 A&O Prize inductee for Artistic Influence in a Holyday: "Epiphany Day" in Spanish Harlem. Also known as the Three Kings Day Parade, the 36th annual event is sponsored by the El Museo del Barrio New York. "Holydays are important to believers, because they help us to remember," said chairman Gregory Disney-Britton. "The creative drama of this Epiphany Day parade" reminds viewers of why the story of the Three Wise Men matters to Christians, and to non-Christians too." The other two finalists for 2013 were, Judiasm's Sukkathon2013 and Islam's Eid Al-Fitr 2013.

Since 2008, Alpha Omega Arts has been surveying members about the impact of Religious Art experiences in the United States, and awarding the ALPHA OMEGA PRIZE.

Three Kings Parade in Spanish Harlem 2013