Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Bethlehem Still Shines in the Night With Holiday Cards

By Marisa Martin
Hasn’t the birth of Bethlehem’s famed native son inspired more art than any event on Earth? Most likely so. Cathedrals and museums are chock-full of Madonnas and babies, most taking on a patina of the maker’s times, culture and patron. Europe’s best artists invited the little Jewish family into their professional lives at least, making this woman and infant more renown than all reigning kings and generals for almost two millennia. Global Christianity is threatened at every point, from the Islamic State to the PC hordes we’ve elected to re-train us, so please send Christmas cards – even ugly ones are better than none. We must keep the light in this earth for now. In my opinion, that includes supporting artists who make art cards and Christian-themed works. [link]