Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Art critic says he can worship religious art without believing in God

By Jonathon Jones
Agnus Dei (1635-40) by Francisco de Zurbarán. Photograph: Museo Nacional del Prado
Atheism has never come up with anything like the art of 17th-century painter Francisco de Zurbarán, who created a pure and intense religious visual language. I find his images uniquely appealing at Easter – even though I don’t believe in his, or any other, god. Mysticism is noble; so is religious art. I don’t want to deny the value of the great cultural achievements made in the name of religion – or the moral dimension of faith. Religion is a wonderful human achievement. It just happens to rest on implausible fictional accounts of the universe. It’s a nice story, and it created lovely art. Shame it’s all made up. [link]