Tuesday, April 14, 2015

New book on India's M. F. Husain is available only at museums and auction houses

An image of Husain’s work published in the book
INDIA---M.F. Husain had a strong connection with Dubai because that’s where he lived apart from London after he was exiled from India in 2006 following threats by right-wing groups which objected to his depiction of Hindu deities. The book penned by writer and art curator Kishore Singh was first launched at St. Moritz Art Masters in 2014, Switzerland, where his Maria collection was shown in its entirety. It was then at India Art Fair 2015 followed by Art Dubai, where a major exhibition of the works by the artist at the next edition of Art Dubai was also announced. The book is not for commercial sale but its limited copies are available at museums, public institutions, auction houses to further the understanding of the artist. [link]