Saturday, May 9, 2015

“Ex Machina” is a radically anti-religious -- must see movie

By Jay Michaelson
HOLLYWOOD---Alex Garland’s artificial-intelligence thriller “Ex Machina” has already been called, by just about everyone, the “sleeper hit of the summer.” And it’s easy to see why: The film is taut, stylish, sexy and decked out with seriously creepy and understated computer-generated images. It’s also perhaps the best metaphysical musing on transhumanism that Hollywood has ever produced, and a radically anti-religious film. In a good way. As “Ex Machina” makes clear in fiction, and as transhumanism will once make reality, there’s no there, there. The profound experience of Jesus’ divine love and grace is, in fact, a neurological event that very soon will be able to be “artificially” induced — both in humans and in AI. [link]