Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Movie Review: In ‘Cathedrals of Culture,’ Buildings to Love

By Nicholas Rapold
The home of the Berlin Philharmonic in a scene from "Cathedrals of Culture." Credit Wim Wenders/Cinephil
HOLLYWOOD---As houses of God, Europe’s cathedrals were built to be something more than mere stone, something that could transport and transform. In the omnibus film “Cathedrals of Culture,” subtitled “A 3D Film Project About the Soul of Buildings,” the secular structures on display are scarcely less ambitious, and the strongest of the film’s six chapters reflect filmmakers searching to express higher states of being. Still, with a film running in two parts, at a combined length of 168 minutes, you might wish you could walk on by certain stretches instead of staying seated. [link]

Opens on Friday
A two-part program of short films directed by Wim Wenders, Michael Glawogger, Michael Madsen, Robert Redford, Margreth Olin and Karim Ainouz
Part 1: 1 hour 26 minutes; Part 2: 1 hour 22 minutes; not rated