Monday, July 6, 2015

Christian men organize to tackle violence in Cincinnati

By John London
Reporter John London (left) and Kai Daniels-Britton (Right)
OHIO---Violence on Cincinnati streets has made for an alarming and bloody start to early summer. Friday, there was a new push to curb shootings and reduce the level of street-violence in the city’s neighborhoods. A small, but highly-motivated group of citizens called “Our City, Our Problem” began walking the streets of Avondale to try their own approach. They picked Friday, the most uniquely American of holidays and a neighborhood which echoes gunshots with celebratory fireworks. Police statistics show Avondale leads the city in shootings. Nic Higgins told Pastor Ennis Tait Friday, "We're going to keep hitting the same nail until we bring peace to Avondale and every community in Cincinnati."[link]