Friday, July 3, 2015

Damien Hirst's "enduring concern" in new belief systems on view at UK's Lightbox Gallery


"The Crucifix" is jeweled with multi-colored pewter pills on a simple Cedarwood cross.
UNITED KINGDOM---In the exhibition, "Damien Hirst: New Religion" the Lightbox Gallery brings together a body of work from 2005 that illustrates Hirst's enduring concern with belief, mortality, love, seduction and consumption. The exhibition includes a series of silkscreen prints, paintings and sculptural editions that address the artist's belief that “science is the new religion for many people”. Featured in the exhibition will be a crucifix inlaid with pewter pills and silkscreen prints depicting biblical chapters illustrated with pills. Together, the works behave similarly to a painted fresco cycle, moving from the Creation, through the Stations of the Cross, towards the Last Judgment. [link]