Thursday, July 2, 2015

Sean Scully's art helps restore a Roman Catholic church in Spain

By Hannah Ellis-Petersen
"Horizontal Soul" by Sean Scully
SPAIN---In the thousand years that the Santa Cecilia de Montserrat monastery has stood on the hills overlooking Barcelona, set against jagged towering rocks that rise like giant’s fingers pointing to the sky, history has continually come knocking at its door. A 10 year-long project of restoration has seen the celebrated Irish painter Sean Scully transform the chapel with 22 of his works, from the vast abstract paintings for which he is famed, to frescoes, stained glass and metal candlesticks. [link]

NYC-based artist Sean Scully says “Catholicism did not feed into the work." His work is concerned with spirituality and with a belief that all human beings are sacred