Saturday, August 8, 2015

Christianity Today says only Streep fans will enjoy "Ricki and the Flash"

By Kenneth R. Morefield

HOLLYWOOD---Everyone in Hollywood, no matter how talented, eventually makes a bad movie. Even a team of all-stars can lack chemistry—or just have an off night. Meryl Streep, Jonathan Demme, and Diablo Cody are about as dependable a trio of actor, director, and writer as one could hope to assemble for a Hollywood flick, but unfortunately the result, Ricki and the Flash, is an unfunny, unsentimental, erratic, listless, run through the paces. Ricki is the stage name of Linda, an aging divorcee who left her family to pursue her dream of playing music. Here’s the real question: Is the movie good enough for Streep’s fans to enjoy it? Possibly. [link]