Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Sacred Hindu cows created in pastel watercolors, pencils, and bright acrylics

By Divya Kumar
Sumanto with one of his works Photo: R. Ragu
INDIA---Sumanto Chowdhury’s works take you on a stroll through the winding alleyways of small-town India. Brightly-coloured houses huddle along narrow lanes, surrounded by trees, grass and rocks. These are very accessible paintings, imbued with both a sepia-toned nostalgia and a bubble gum-coloured modern sensibility that is easy to relate to. This is true also of Chowdhury’s sculptures, where he takes his 3D experimentation to its logical conclusion — his wooden house and cow are all in bright colours, with fine detailing and patterning. Chowdhury says he next plans to work on large fibre-glass sculptures, beginning with that ubiquitous denizen of semi-rural India, the cow. [link]