Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Kim Davis sparks the religious freedom of political cartoonists

Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis cries out after being released from the Carter County Detention Center, Tuesday, September 8, 2015, in Grayson, Kentucky (The Charlotte Observer)
Kim Davis has become the target of a good number of political cartoonists, and now she's also drawn the attention of the anti-gay Westboro Church. However, Westboro is not siding with Kim Davis, the Kentucky Clerk who made national headlines for denying same-sex marriages licenses. Instead, they've condemned her as an "adulterer" (Jeremiah 3:20), according to NBC News for "three divorces."
Detroit Free Press, September 8, 2015
Cleveland Plain Dealer, September 3, 2015
Political cartoon by Randal Bish
The News-Journal
Daryl Cargyle's Political Cartoons by Randall Enos
Courtesy of @MyDaughtersArmy
Courtesy of James MacLeod Cartoons