Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Alfredo Esquillo’s ‘Transfigurations’ mix surreal with spiritual at ARNDT Berlin

by Natalia Masewicz
The Filipino art star transforms human figures in triptych images.

GERMANY---Alfredo Esquillo's first solo show at ARNDT is based around the motif of transfiguration, as its title suggests. The artist, born in the Philippines in 1972, examines the relationship between the corporeal and the spiritual. While Esquillo is influenced by the tradition of social realist painting, exemplified by such Filipino painters as Pablo Baen Santos, Antipas Delotavo, and Renato Habulan, his realism is of a more personal, intimate kind. The artist chooses the form of triptych to demonstrate the process of transfiguration. The naturalistic style with which he treats the human form is juxtaposed with surreal compositions. [link]