Friday, December 4, 2015

Indianapolis developers to set aside 1 percent for public art

By Brian Eason

INDIANA---Developers that accept city tax dollars for projects will soon have to set aside money for public art. The City-County Council on Monday voted 18-9 to approve a "percent for art" program aimed at boosting the city's investments in art without raising taxes. Modeled after similar programs across the country, the ordinance requires future developers to devote 1 percent of any city tax-increment financing incentives they receive to public art. That money will be distributed through a grants program administered by the Arts Council, driven by input from neighborhood groups. At least half of the grant money must be spent in low-income neighborhoods. [link]

This larger-than-life mural (38 feet tall) of Kurt Vonnegut, on the east side of a building in the 300 block of Massachusetts Avenue in Downtown Indianapolis, is by artist Pamela Bliss.