Thursday, December 10, 2015

Spanish artist steals 242 communion wafers, uses them to write ‘pederasty’

Azcona desecrates the Eucharist by spelling out the word 'pederasty' with consecrated hosts.
SPAIN---Spanish performance artist Abel Azcona has stolen 242 Communion hosts from Catholic churches and used them to write the word “pederasty” on the floor as part of his latest show. Azcona has admitted to stealing the hosts while pretending to receive Holy Communion during different masses. “I attended 242 eucharists (sic), and with the hosts I made the word pederasty,” wrote Azcona on his Twitter account. Pictures of the moments he took the hosts out of his mouth are posted on Azcona’s Facebook profile. [link]

During opening night in November, a crowd of faithful Catholics entered the building where this piece was being shown and kneeled down to pray the Rosary in front of it.