Thursday, December 3, 2015

Theatre Review: In ‘Invisible Thread,’ a gay New Yorker escapes to Uganda

By Charles Isherwood
Griffin Matthews, left, and Michael Luwoye in “Invisible Thread,” set in Uganda, at Second Stage Theater
NEW YORK---When faced with a personal crisis — the chilly reception he gets from his church in New York when he tells the pastor that he’s gay — Griffin, the black central character of the musical “Invisible Thread,” at Second Stage Theater, makes a counterintuitive choice. He heads off to volunteer at a religious compound in Uganda, a country notorious for its virulent hostility toward homosexuality. The show also eventually addresses how Ugandans have been taught to find homosexuality abhorrent. (Most of the events take place in 2005, before the more outrageous laws against homosexuality were on the books.) [link]

Second Stage Theatre: "Invisible Thread" (Ends December 26, 2015); 305 W. 43rd St. Midtown West 212-246-4422;