Saturday, May 6, 2017

Artnet picks the most spectacular Islamic artwork at Frieze New York 2017

By Andrew Goldstein
"Produce X" (201516) by Ibrahim Mahama, White Cube (London) Price: $49,000
NEW YORK---The Frieze Art Fair has once again alighted on the fair isle of Manhattan—or Randall’s Island, to be precise—bringing with it enough international contemporary artworks to fill a passel of pashas’s palaces. What’s good this year? We surveyed the aisles to isolate some of the most remarkable works being offered by the world’s top galleries. The Ghanaian artist Ibrahim Mahama is still in his late 20s but already has a triumph to his name. At the fair, White Cube is offering a wall-devouring composition of Islamic prayer rugs and cocoa bags—he “never works smaller,” according to a dealer—that evoke a world distant from Randall’s Island. Collectors will want in, though the gallery says it is more interested in selling to museums. [More]