Friday, July 14, 2017

A conservator and a painter weave a tangled collection of relationships

Show Us Your Walls
By Ted Loos
The painter Walter Robinson and Lisa Rosen, his wife and a paintings conservator. Their apartment is full of artworks, including Kiki Smith’s “Butterfly” (1980s), center, and Jim Damron’s “Batman” (2014), right. Credit Tony Cenicola/The New York Times
NEW YORK---A wall full of art can often map a complex network of relationships. It certainly does for Lisa Rosen, a conservator of paintings, and her husband, the painter Walter Robinson, a crucial figure among the image appropriators of the Pictures Generation. The couple live on the fifth floor of an Upper East Side walk-up. Dozens of artworks fill their one-bedroom apartment, including ones by Richard Prince, Marilyn Minter and Tom Otterness. There’s also a painting by Ms. Rosen’s first husband, James Nares. “Most of the collection is by friends and family,” Mr. Robinson said. “Everything here has a story.” [More]