Friday, October 16, 2020

Art Brushes Up Against Spirituality in Ohio's Keny Galleries Exhibition

By Peter Tonguette

"Sermon on the Mount" by Elijah Pierce. Courtesy of Keny Galleries
COLUMBUS--When reflecting on 40 years of acquiring, selling and displaying art through their German Village gallery, brothers Jim and Tim Keny have noticed that many of their favorite works deal with matters of the eternal. “I feel like many successful works of art, in one way or another ... have a transcendent sense of something greater than just the artist himself,” said Tim Keny, co-owner of Keny Galleries with his sibling. A new exhibit emphasizes art as a vessel for spiritual ideas. “Art & Spirituality: A Multi-Cultural Selection” — which will continue through Nov. 13 at the gallery and is also viewable online at — offers works by artists representing a wide spectrum of cultural backgrounds and religious traditions. [More]