Art Without Borders – An Interview With Nalini Malani

By Debika Ray

Cassandra (2009), Nalini Malani. Kiran Nadar Museum of Art, New Delhi. Photo: Anil Rane; © Nalini Malani
The coronavirus pandemic has forced a rapid move into the digital realm upon much of the cultural world, but it’s a shift that Nalini Malani – who has experimented with technology in her work since the 1960s – was more than prepared to embrace. The artist is usually based in Mumbai, but has been in Amsterdam, in the second home she shares with her Dutch husband, since the start of the coronavirus lockdown. Here, she has set up a studio from which she is coordinating her work around the world, including the display of an installation at the Whitechapel Gallery in London – ensuring that her vision is realised while allowing for sufficient physical distancing when it opens this month. [More]

Sita-Medea (2006), Nalini Malani. Photo: Anil Rane; © Nalini Malani

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