Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Titus Kaphar & The Christian Tradition That Mankind Was Created in God’s Own “Image and Likeness”

Titus Kaphar’s “Untitled” 2020. Image courtesy of The Guardian News
BRUSSELS--It is virtually impossible to tell the story of Renaissance art without an exploration of Christianity. While the personal faith of the individual artist varied from devotee to atheist opportunist, the largest patron of the arts was the Church, and Catholic iconography the artist’s lingua franca. In The Evidence of Things Unseen, Titus Kaphar utilizes Catholic iconography as a ground on which to explore ideas beyond simple proselytization. In Jesus Noir Kaphar duct tapes a portrait of a young black man over the face of Christ. 
Titus Kaphar, Untitled, 2020. Oil and tar on canvas. Photo courtesy Maruani Mercier.
Exhibition: 10/16/20 to 11/28/20 at Gesù Church in Brussels