Wednesday, November 4, 2020

An iPad Studio Tour Finds Bruce Nauman Pushing Limits

By Jason Fargo

Bruce Nauman’s “Nature Morte,” 2020, at Sperone Westwater, is a new digital artwork, activated by an iPad touchscreen and projected on a gallery wall. It depicts the artist’s studio in New Mexico in forensic detail. Bruce Nauman/Artists Rights Society (ARS); via Sperone Westwater; Robert Vinas, Jr.
This has been a good year to try new things indoors. Especially for Bruce Nauman. The controlled terrain of this artist’s studio has always been more than a work space; it’s an arena in which everything, from his body to his words to just the fact of his breathing, can gain the status of art. Alone inside he zeroed in on himself with a precision, a menace and a dark humor that would characterize his whole career, and averred that the studio walls were all he needed to approach the biggest questions of creation and mortality. Mr. Nauman is now 78. But he is not done with trying new things indoors, and a profound new exhibition at Sperone Westwater Gallery confirms how sedulously he is still pushing the studio’s limits. [More]