Thursday, November 26, 2020

‘Muslim Women Are Everything’ Turns the Page on Stereotypes

By Francesca Donner
Gisele Marie Rocha started her own heavy metal band in 2016, after fronting her brother’s band for four years. Fahmida Azim
Dr. Seema Yasmin’s book, born from her frustration with narrow, one-sided narratives about Muslim women, breaks apart tired old tropes. More than 40 profiles of Muslim women — illustrated by Fahmida Azim — aim to tear down the tiresome tropes of what Muslim women are: what they look like, what they wear and what they do or don’t do. Page after page dares the reader to say these women cannot, or should not. As for Dr. Yasmin: She is a Cambridge-trained medical doctor, a specialist in epidemiology, a journalist and the director of the Stanford Health Communication Initiative. She teaches at Stanford and is a visiting professor at U.C.L.A. [More]