Friday, November 13, 2020

Photographer John Edmonds Began 2020 With a Spiritual Bath

By Michael Beckert
Photo by John Edmonds

Photographed by John Edmonds. His own T-shirt.
For our annual “The Originals” portfolio, we asked creatives—pioneers in the fields of art, design, fashion, comedy, activism and more—to share their insights on staying true to themselves and pushing the creative envelope in a chaotic year: "In the beginning of 2020, I did my first trip to the continent of Africa, to Ghana, and the year began with a spiritual bath. From that moment on, this year has felt like a process of shedding and shedding and shedding, and again being born anew. I see my work as always my work, and not something that is that categorizable as commercial or fine art. We know that both of those kinds of spaces are—especially now, wherever we are in history—very fragile. I'm making the work that I want to make, and I see it as part of a lager whole." [More