Monday, November 2, 2020

Sindika Dokolo, Congolese Collector Who Faced Corruption Scandal, Dies at 48 in Diving Accident

By Alex Greenberger

With his 5,000-work holdings, Sindika Dokolo, aimed to create a collection that would help push African art forward.
Sindika Dokolo, a key African art collector who earlier this year faced widespread allegations of corruption, has died at 48. Outlets based in Angola, where Dokolo was based, reported that he died after suffering an embolism while diving in Dubai. Within the African art world, Dokolo had been considered a towering figure who was leading a fight to repatriate looted objects in Europe and helping kickstart a market on the continent. But a scandal in January tainted that reputation, leading various figures in the international art scene to attempt to distance themselves. That same month, her and Dokolo’s assets were frozen. Speaking to Artnet News earlier this year, Dokolo called the freezing of his assets a “political vendetta.” Dokolo had reportedly given €340,000 to the foundation that facilitates Documenta. [More
A Chokwe Mwana Pwo mask that was returned to Angola from a private collection in France in April 2016. COURTESY SINDIKA DOKOLO FOUNDATION