Friday, December 4, 2020

Black Photographer John Edmonds and the Allure of Africa

By Arthur Lubow
“The thing that really interested me is that he doesn’t look like a gym body,” Mr. Edmonds said of his model in “Anatolli & Collection,” from 2019. “He looks like he rose out of the earth.” The works are from the photographer’s collection. John Edmonds and Company, New York
The young photographer John Edmonds traveled to Ghana last January, searching for something he couldn’t name. Having recently begun collecting and photographing African sculpture, he thought the trip would lead to a greater self-knowledge. “I’m an African-American using African objects, so it was important to me to understand the source,” he said during an interview in Brooklyn. These are some of the socially resonant issues that Mr. Edmonds investigates in “A Sidelong Glance” at the Brooklyn Museum, his first solo museum show, which accompanies the award of the inaugural UOVO Prize for an emerging Brooklyn artist. To add a wrinkle, his photographs also explore his queer identity. [More]
"Two-Spirits" courtesy of museum