Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Let My Presence Be the Refusal | Visual AIDS #WorldAIDSDay

Carlos Cordero, 12. Rising Sun , N/DMixed media

This Day With(out) Art and World AIDS Day coincides with what will likely be one of the most challenging years in recorded history. December 1st is a time to pause and remember those lost to the AIDS pandemic and acknowledge the indelible cultural production emerging from and through the ongoing AIDS crisis. Shirlene Cooper, HIV activist, housing advocate and founder and project director of the Women's Empowerment Art Therapy Workshops at Visual AIDS and performance artist Rafael Sanchez share their personal experiences and insights regarding the COVID-19 and HIV/AIDS pandemics in the audio interview below. [More

Black boy on the verge of Suckling Fish- Christ, Ajamu, 2020

Let My Presence Be the Refusal

My body is the archive
Holding space for the past, present, future that resides within me
I sit at the ocean of my neverending becoming
Bathed in the waters of
Mami Wata who sustains me through it all

I hear the low bass sound of the quantum echo
Above the notes of material frequencies
Bringing me back to the centered sacred
Though my flesh be a nightmare to some
For others a tomb with which to bide time

Let my presence be the refusal
My death is not the final word
On my existence
My power is not conditional to the body in which I reside
The archive lives regardless

If I am struck down on the grounds of my fugitivity
I will rejoice
Knowing that I have always and forever will be

This web gallery is dedicated in loving memory to Rusti Miller-Hill, Frederick Weston and all the beloved souls that crossed over this past year. We miss you. We honor you. We love you. We know your legacy lives on. Ase.