Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Neapolitan Creche Book at the Art Institute of Chicago

Hardcover; Pages: 32 page book with die-cut foldout; Size: 6.5 in. X 7.75 in.
CHICAGO---The Art Institute of Chicago's Neapolitan Crèche is one of the very few and finest examples of such a work outside of Naples, and this year, Covid-19 has it shut down to the public viewing, but there is a book. The crèche is an intricate Nativity scene that reflects the vitality and artisanship that the city is still known for. The Art Institute’s crèche features over 200 figures—including no less than 50 animals and 41 items of food and drink—all staged in a spectacular Baroque cabinet with a painted backdrop. This mini-book gives a brief description of the creche along side full-color illustrations. [Purchase]
Crèche, mid-18th century. Naples. (Courtesy Art Institute of Chicago)