Saturday, December 26, 2020

Paradise Lost: The Dark Secrets of Ghana's Lake Volta – In Pictures

Snell has photographed numerous campaigns for NGOs and won a Portrait of Humanity award in 2020 for Boys of Volta

The Boys of Volta series by Jeremy Snell is a portrayal of the people and environment surrounding Lake Volta, Ghana. A book of images is published by Setanta, with 10% of profits donated to the NGO International Justice Mission. This enormous reservoir spans vast part of the country and submerges whole forests of trees. But it is also bound up with the heartbreaking use of child labour. ‘Beyond the documentary photos of fisher boys working on the lake, I found myself captivated by the faces and eyes of the kids who lived nearby,’ says Snell. ‘Through portraiture, I hoped to convey the beauty in simple moments. The lake had a strong mood and emotional energy’ [More

‘If you were to dive clean into its centre at the hour when the water’s blackness is not separate from the Earth’s night, you could disappear 70 metres beneath gentle waves and still be above sea level, still be touching the root of a full-grown tree,’ says Snell