Friday, December 11, 2020

Sara Prager Says Goodbye to Hanukkah

By Sarah Prager
Ping Zhu
My sister and I never attended religious services for any Jewish or Christian holidays, but we were still raised with religion. My family attended a Unitarian Universalist meeting house where it was common to celebrate multiple religions’ holy days. My father’s Jewish tradition only appeared at Hanukkah for the American “holiday season.” We didn’t celebrate Passover or Rosh Hashanah or any other Jewish holiday as a family. In contrast, my mom’s Catholic upbringing emerged not only at Christmas, but also for Easter, though that was only about eggs, bunnies and the resurrection of spring, not Jesus. Over time, as I then my sister left for college, my family stopped celebrating Hanukkah altogether. This strange and unpredictable year has made me yearn for routine, but it’s also helped me gain clarity. I see that forcing a tradition just because it was a part of my childhood is not what my kids need. They need love and connection — no menorah required. [More