Saturday, December 5, 2020

The Munich Atelier Where Stained Glass Comes to Life

By Gisela Williams, Photographs by Matthias Ziegler
The Mayer of Munich building has 15 glass and mosaic ateliers within its 54,000 square feet. This one is dedicated to glass painting. Matthias Ziegler
The extravagant Ludwig II, the so-called mad king of Bavaria, was said to love nothing more than a room aglow with painted glass. During that era, elaborately designed windows — in churches but also secular buildings — became fashionable, with many German artists and artisans adopting the craft, including Joseph Gabriel Mayer, who in 1847 founded Munich’s Mayer Institute of Christian Art, a workshop that produced religious sculptures and altars. By the 1880s, Mayer, who had by then been joined by his son Franz Borgias, had offices in Paris, London and New York City. (The company still has an office on Manhattan’s Madison Square Park.) [More]