Sunday, January 3, 2021

RELIGIOUS ART | NEWS OF WEEK -- Israel Solomon's Christ Isn't Suffering

By Gregory & Ernest Disney-Britton 
Gregory Disney-Britton stands in our Jesus Room with “Christ with Wound” by Israel Solomon
Jesus is smiling on this first Sunday of 2021. Yes, terrible things will happen, but we'll celebrate life anyway (John 16:20-22). In 2020, we got buried in crucifixions, but Jesus kept sending artists like Nina Chanel, Adam Russell, and Israel Solomon to remind us that he didn't just die. He got back-up, after delighting in life. In Israel Solomon's "Christ with Wound," Jesus isn't suffering. Surrounded by roses, he tilts his head and points to his wound with a smirk as if to ask, "Do you believe me now?" 

In 2021, join us in exploring 12 ways to rediscover Jesus's smile:
  1. Amina Robinson raggin in Ohio. 
  2. Salmon Toor over at the Whitney.
  3. Reading Robert Jones's "The Prophets" when it's published. 
  4. Cincinnati celebrating painter Frank Duvenack, and sculptor Anila Quayyum Agha.  
  5. Kent Monkman being "Legendary" in Toronto.
  6. Devan Shimoyama having his first solo show in Europe. 
  7. Van Gogh illuminating Indianapolis. 
  8. ArtPrize coming back to downtown Grand Rapids, and 
  9. Watching "Dune" in a movie theater, and 
  10. "The Matrix 4with Keanu Reeves too.
  11. Finally acquiring a Nina Chanel collectible.  
  12. Celebrating a new dawn with a wave of arts leader retirements
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"Christ with Wound" (2020) by Israel Solomon; 24x24 inches. Disney-Britton Collection
Indianapolis-based artist Israel Solomon