Friday, January 8, 2021

Is This Enormous Painting of Jesus Christ by El Greco?

By Gareth Harris
The painting comes from a private collector who asked Company to study it and make conclusions about its authorship Courtesy of CAEM
A small-scale painting of Jesus Christ carrying the cross has been attributed to the Renaissance artist El Greco by scholars at a Spanish university. Ximo Company, the director of the Centre d’Art d’Època Moderna (CAEM) at the University of Lleida, Catalonia, insists that the work, which only measures 57.5cm in length, was not produced by El Greco’s workshop or any of his students. Fernando Marías, a professor of art history at Madrid's Universidad Autonoma, tells The Art Newspaper, however: "Although I have only seen the pictures in El País and on Twitter, the painting is doubtful [as an autograph work by El Greco]. It looks reworked and restored—the mouth is terrible, so are the cross, hands and signature." [More