Saturday, January 23, 2021

Pierre Rosenberg, The French Collector

By Carole Blumenfeld
Pierre Rosenberg in the study of his Paris home © Suzanne Nagy
The collections of the leading art historian, which he recently donated to the Hauts-de-Seine département for the future Musée du Grand Siècle in Saint-Cloud, remain as secret as they are astonishing. But the collector now lifts a corner of the veil..."I believe that collecting is a need for any art historian. You can make mistakes, and I certainly made a few—meaning that you might lose some money or put your faith in a painter who turns out not to be the artist you hoped. So there is a financial risk and even a little aesthetic risk." While he has been examining Pierre-Jean Mariette's collection of drawings for the past ten years, the man who specializes in Nicolas Poussin, Antoine Watteau and Jean Siméon Chardin has never measured the works that belong to him, never researched any of his drawings, and never kept a record of his acquisitionS. [More]