Sunday, January 10, 2021

RELIGIOUS ART | NEWS OF WEEK -- Atlanta's Jalen Amir

"The Last Supper" by Jalen Amir (2020). 8'' x 8" photography and digital painting. Printed on Smooth Hot Press (premium 100% cotton hot press, bright white paper). Gifted by Rishard Allen for the Jesus Room
How do marginalized artists experience the life of Christ? That question drives our art collecting, and a print by Jalen Amir, a Black, non-binary photographer, is the latest addition to our "Jesus Room." 
Taking a stab at white supremacy, the afro-pessimist's "Last Supper" depicts the Black male body as the communion "Eucharist." Influenced by Renaissance artists and Black musicians like Kanye West, Jalen was introduced to us by a friend and is featured this month in Vogue magazine. Jalen Amir is our collector's tip of the week, and pricing is available at
Jalen Amir is an interdisciplinary artist, primarily working in a combination of photography and digital painting.
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"Virgin & Son" (2020) by Jalen Amir
"Judgement Day" (2020) by Jalen Amir
"Adam & Eve" (2020) by Jalen Amir