Thursday, February 4, 2021

Michael Allgoewer Sometimes Bleeds For His Art

By Regina Haggo
2 of 3Martyrium Michael Allgoewer, Martyrium, an installation exhibited in 1997.
Talk about suffering for your art. Some of the first sculptures Michael Allgoewer made included thorns. Collecting them could be hazardous. One time he forgot to take gloves with him, and ended up with bleeding hands. “The installation was called ‘Thrinos’ and evoked, in a metaphorical way, the history of the now past 20th century,” he says. “I was thinking of war and the suffering and martyrdom of the millions of people who had been victims of a cruel time in history.” Thrinos is the Greek word for Lamentation. It’s called Pieta in Italian. A Lamentation usually refers to a traditional religious work of art depicting Mary grieving over the Body of Christ, her son. Mary became a role model for those who mourn, so the Lamentation came to symbolize all suffering and grief. [More]