By Gregory A. Disney-Britton

Hey there. Our names are Ernest and Gregory Disney-Britton, and we're collectors, explorers, and passionate advocates for art of the religious imagination. Today, the 40+ religious-themed works in our tiny but growing collection include both established and emerging artists from across the USA, and several other countries including Brazil, Haiti, Mexico, Philippines, and Senegal. A few names in our collection that you might recognize are Anila Quayyum Agha, Romero Britto, Nicollo Cosme, Salvador Dali, Tony Melendez, and Tom Torluemke. Each is known for provocative new ideas.
Ernest O. (left) and Gregory A. Disney-Britton (right) at the Indianapolis Museum of Art
By day, I work in telecommunications and Ernest is an arts administrator. We're both longtime members of a local non-denominational church although I identify as Methodist and Ernest as Roman Catholic. In 2008, we created Alpha Omega Arts after Ernest took a foundation job in NYC. It started out as a daily email for his friends back home describing the ever-present religious diversity of the city, and it soon became a blog. Today we live in Indianapolis where we continue aggregating the daily news about Buddhist art, Christian art, Hindu art, Islamic art, Jewish art, and we still share our own reflections too but mostly on Sundays! Our mission/vision is:
  • Mission: We grow collectors for artists with religious imaginations
  • Vision: A world that celebrates faith and defends artistic freedom
We also co-chair of the Alpha & Omega Project for Contemporary Religious Arts which annually awards the Alpha Omega Prize for art that promotes religious dialogue. Since 2008, the prize has been announced each year on November 1st as voted by AOA subscribers.

The corporate logo for AOA is inspired by the labyrinths created by a small group of idealist Christians called the Harmony Society from 1805-1905. Most people today know of the Harmony Society labyrinths from the large hedge maze they created in New Harmony, Indiana around 1815.

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