By Gregory A. Disney-Britton

Greetings! My name is Greg and together with my husband Ernest, we are collectors of contemporary religious art. We created Alpha Omega Arts when we moved to NYC in 2008 as a daily email for a few friends. Today we live in Indianapolis where we keep this online news aggregator up-to-date with daily art news coverage: Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Islamic, Judaic, and others.

Vision: Art provokes pleasure and spiritual reflection, inquiry and debate. Engaging with religious art encourages learning and fosters knowledge. As a laboratory for art and ideas, Alpha Omega Arts contributes directly to the artistic and religious communities, to enrich the collectors experience, and to enhance the cultural life of Indianapolis and the nation.

Mission: Alpha Omega Arts seeks to create deeper appreciation for contemporary religious art by empowering buyers and creators with the latest news and commentary to make religious art collecting better understood and more enjoyable with an objective of growing the number of art collectors locally, nationally and the international level.

We also co-chair of the Alpha & Omega Society for Contemporary Religious Arts which annually awards the Alpha Omega Prize for art that promotes religious dialogue. Since 2008, the prize has been announced each year on November 1st as voted by AOA subscribers.

As longtime art collectors, it wasn’t until after we married that our collecting shifted to focus exclusively on religious art. Today, the 40+ religious-themed works in our growing collection include both established and emerging artists from across the USA, and several other countries including the Brazil, Haiti, Mexico and the Philippines. It's a good news story we are happy to share.

The logo for AOA is inspired by the labyrinths created by a small group of idealist Christians called the Harmony Society from 1805-1905. Most people today know of the Harmony Society labyrinths from the large hedge maze they created in New Harmony, Indiana around 1815.

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