Gregory Disney-Britton in 2016 stands beside his Salvador Dali "Christ of Gala (Crucifixion)" print
Collecting contemporary religious art is at the heart of Alpha Omega Arts. Since introducing our weekly e-newsletter in 2012, we've also added a Collector Spotlight to share our passion for collecting religious themed artworks. We share that spotlight with celebrity collectors we've found in the traditional news media but most of these celebrities are not collecting art of the religious imagination. In 2017, we invite AOA readers to share your collecting story. The three-step process is simple: (a) Email me your answers to the seven questions below; (b) Include a couple of images of works from your collection including titles, media, and date of creation; and lastly (c) Make sure to include a photo of you in front of or beside at least one work in your collection.
  1. What is your religious tradition? 
  2. What was your first piece of religious art? 
  3. Who are the artists in your collection today?
  4. How many pieces are in your religious art collection?
  5. Which piece would you grab first in a fire?
  6. Where do you search for art of the religious imagination?
  7. Name three favorite religious works not in your collection?