Thursday, December 1, 2011

INSPIRE ME! Artist, Teresa Mas

"I trust my God within, to guide me,
talk to me, remind me and teach me."
Krishna and Parvati
By Ernest Disney-Britton

Teresa Mas is a true American Creator Spirit. Her works are inward journeys of self-discovery filled with the unexpected at every corner. With a highly developed technique, she creates acrylic paintings often mixed with collages of surprises--imagery and details of surprises! A world traveler and follower of Hinduism, she studied art in Miami, Florida and also Spain. Teresa's paintings are fresh, colorful, full of light and in a word, so "beautiful" you are seduced by her creations and can't wait to discover more about her Hindu faith. Alpha Omega Arts is proud to feature her as the INSPIRE ME! Artist of the Month: December 2011.
Teresa in her studio
(1) Why do you create art that sparks dialogue about religion or spirituality? The main motivation is the need to convey to the world the true search of the self. A trip inland. We are gods indeed, beautifully dressed. For humanity there is no other chance than the surrendering recognition of its divinity. True communication can only happen with ourselves.

Baby Krishna
(2) How do you describe your artwork? My work collages, acrylic, silks, stones, jewelry.., paper, pictures of Hindu gods, all carefully selected and crafted.

(3) How do you describe your faith? There is nothing more genuine than watching a human do the impossible. I trust my God within, to guide me, talk to me, remind me and teach me. Dod my teacher is always within me. Within us lies the power to realize any dream. My job...I would describe it as dream, and if you create your dream of love, your dream becomes a work of art.

Lord Ganesh
(4) As an artist, are there any challenges you've experienced because of this perspective? As an artist, when you learn to listen to your feelings and pay enough attention to your being, your work is filled with joy and you make what you really feel.

Baby Krishna
(5) What other artist(s) have inspired your creativity, and how? In creating my work, I am not inspired by any specific artist, the creative process of my work has come from within.

(6) Where can AOA readers learn more about you and your artwork?In my web page:

During 2012 Teresa Mas is already scheduled to display her works throughout Florida as well as in Spain. If you are as inspired as we've been here at Alpha Omega Arts, about her art, her faith, and the intertwining that results from these works, we urge you contact her right away!