Saturday, December 13, 2014

Pakistani Artist Imran Qureshi Exhibits at Ikon

Installation Shot, And They Still Seek the Traces of Blood, 2013, “Imran Qureshi Artist of the Year 2013”
at the Deutsche Bank KunstHalle, © Imran Qureshi, Courtesy Corvi-Mora and Ikon.
UNITED KINGDOM---Ikon presents a solo exhibition by Pakistani artist Imran Qureshi, Deutsche Bank’s “Artist of the Year” 2013. Comprising miniature paintings and site-specific installations – including new works made for Ikon – the exhibition is Qureshi’s first major presentation in the UK. The exhibition presents an array of Qureshi’s delicate miniature paintings adorned with gold and blood-red paint and depicting people, blossoms, colours, rain, leaves and abstract forms. In Self-Portrait (2009) the artist himself is enclosed in an oval medallion on a gold background holding a blossom surrounded by tiny dragonflies. [link]