Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Teaching UK Politician Nigel Farage the Fine Art of Christian Breastfeeding

By Jonathon Jones
Achingly tender … Leonardo da Vinci’s Madonna and Child (Madonna Litta).
Photograph: The State Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg
UNITED KINGDOM---Renaissance art rejoices in breastfeeding. Nigel Farage’s problem with breastfeeding mothers would have baffled anyone who visited a church in Catholic Europe five centuries ago. Does the Ukip leader think all the paintings of Madonna and child should be banished from UK galleries? Its milk monitors might start their censorship in the National Gallery’s Flemish art section, where a painting done in about 1440 by a follower of Robert Campin shows the Virgin Mary at home with her infant. The chamber is warmed by a fire, and there’s a book – religious of course – beside her as she offers Jesus her breast. It is a superbly natural scene. [link]

"Virgin and Child Surrounded by Angels" (1450) by Jean Fouquet. Photograph: Heritage Images/Getty Images