Saturday, December 6, 2014

The Movie ‘Exodus: Gods and Kings’ Portrays the Deity as a Boy

By Michael Cieply and Brooks Barnes
Christian Bale charges into battle as a “Gladiator”-like Moses in Ridley Scott’s
“Exodus: Gods and Kings.” Credit 20th Century Fox Film Corporation
HOLLYWOOD---Ridley Scott’s 3-D “Exodus: Gods and Kings” has computer-generated plagues, waves and tornadoes. It has boat-chomping crocodiles, 400,000 digitally rendered Hebrew slaves and a sword-wielding Christian Bale as a “Gladiator”-like Moses. But God may still steal the show. “Exodus,” to be released on Dec. 12, preserves the awful severity of the Old Testament God — one who commands and demands — and does it all within the persona of a willful child. [link]