Thursday, March 5, 2015

My pastor is one of those fighting Indiana's 'religious freedom' bill

By Stephanie Wang
Pastor Melody Merida of LifeJourney Church speaks at vigil for those who oppose the new bill. Her wife Kristin Herrman stands beside her holding their son Brody, age 4. Photo Charlie Nye, The Star
INDIANA---For a Southern Baptist pastor bound to his Bible, the legal protections around religious freedom do not go far enough. Without further safeguarding, he fears he could be forced to wed a gay couple against his beliefs. For a Christian minister, further enshrinement of religion in state law could turn her son away from a hospital, prevent him from joining a T-ball team or stop her family from adopting another child — because she is married to another woman, because she wears a clergy collar or because she has a mixed-race family. Faith leaders across the state are split on Indiana's most contentious political issue this year: a proposal to strengthen "religious freedom" protections in state law. SB 101 has passed the Indiana Senate and likely will be debated in the House in the coming weeks. [link]