Monday, April 20, 2015

Can PR be an art form? A new program series at the V&A sets out to say yes

By Geoffrey Marsh

UNITED KINGDOM---The V&A is a museum of art, design and performance, and a lot of people will ask why we are putting on an exhibition about PR. Is PR art? Well, that’s the question we seek to answer. Is it art? Is it social engineering? We do not want to say whether things are good or bad. Rather, our role at the V&A is to give people access to understand things better. People have a romantic idea of the art world, of artists sitting in garrets, painting away. It’s not like that, of course. It’s an industry, the same as PR. [link]

Victoria & Albert Museum: "Always Print the Myth: PR and the Modern Age," London SW7, April 21 to May 9, 2015