Saturday, May 9, 2015

#FaithGoesPop, and other sightings of art of the religious imagination

By Ernest Disney-Britton
"The Passion of Justin Bieber." Image courtesy of
Ken Chitwood describes #FaithGoesPop as "the many ways that religion and pop culture cross paths...." During a week when the art world is mourning the loss of the Museum of Biblical Art; praising Charlie Hebdo; and condemning Pamela Geller, I am more than amazed. What is happening in this unusual moment? I now follow the hashtag #FaithGoesPop that introduced me to the image: "The Passion of Justin Bieber" (above). Had you seen it before today? Once you have seen this image, you can have no doubt that something remarkable (good or bad) is going on in the world of art of the religious imagination.