Monday, May 4, 2015

Gabriel García Román's "Queer Icons" are all people of color

By Jorge Rivas
Christian. 2013, From the series Queer Icons, Photogravure w/ Chine-Colle, 11x14, image size 8x10. (Image courtesy of Gabriel García Román)
NEW YORK---In western religious art, images of Jesus Christ, his saints, and Virgin Mother almost always include a halo. The halo is also seen in Buddhist and Islamic religious iconography as well as Australian aboriginal art. Gabriel García Román says he places his LGBT subjects in historically religious scenes because he wants the viewer to see them as powerful and noble. He calls his series of photographs “Queer Icons.” That history and context makes Román’s work all the more powerful, all of his subjects identify as queer people of color. [link]
“Julissa,” 2014, from the series “Queer Icons.” (Image courtesy of Gabriel García Román)