Friday, May 29, 2015

Moscow plans to erect 82-foot-tall statue of Russia’s patron saint

By Neil MacFarquhar
The sculptor Salavat Scherbakov, at work on a model in his studio. Tens of thousands have signed a petition against the statue. Credit James Hill for The New York Times
RUSSIA---Moscow does not exactly want for colossal statues. What the city lacks is a spectacular monument to a religious figure, but the Russian Orthodox Church and the culture minister, Vladimir Medinsky, are determined to change that. They have championed a project that will alter the cityscape by erecting an 82-foot-tall statue of St. Vladimir, Russia’s patron saint, atop one of the few hills in Moscow. [link]
A model for the monument to St. Vladimir, Russia's patron saint, at a workshop in Moscow. The final work is expected to stand more than 80 feet tall. Credit Yuri Kochetkov/European Pressphoto Agency