Friday, May 22, 2015

San Francisco's legendary strip club now includes Hindu goddess

By Jonathan Curiel
Untitled94 Olive St. (at Polk) mural by John Vochatzer
CALIFORNIA---The Mitchell Brothers' skin house on O'Farrell Street has an "anything goes" history of pay-to-play lasciviousness. As a night manager there, John Vochatzer has seen it all, and his new artwork on the back wall of the theater — which takes up a corner of Polk and Olive streets — is also "anything goes." On the far left, almost two stories tall, is a four-armed Hindu goddess with bloodshot eyes, see-through midsection (complete with ribs and blood passages), and the hairy legs of a monkey god, sitting Lotus-like on a reptile. Fish float above her in the sky, connected to three other giant figures, smaller men in togas, an Earth-like planet, and myriad plants and buildings that complete the work's otherworldly feel. [link]